What if you could articulate your career in a way that proves you're a serious talent? a go-to guy? a strategic leader?


-Enjoy your job.
-Like the people you work with.
-Are by no means desperate for a change.
-Constantly search for new ways to do things better, to leverage your technological and business expertise to make people more productive, and to make your organization more efficient – and more profitable.
-Rapidly assess complex situations, and make effective, clear decisions.
-Are committed to having a high impact on your organization.
-Moved up fast, and want to continue that rapid trajectory.

You are – or are on track to be – a:

-or Senior Software Sales Executive.

And your executive career challenges are:

-You can’t stand being bored. Your personal hell is doing the same thing every day.
-You’ve built your career around new challenges, and are now finding those challenges less frequent or less compelling.
-You have a broad background, and see your role as an IT leader – whether CIO, CTO, VP, or Director – as much more than just keeping the lights on. You’re committed to being a full partner in strategic, executive decision making.
-You recognize that you’re in a job where there’s no way to move up without a Klingon career strategy – i.e. assassination. Just to be clear, I’ve never advocated that to a single client.

It’s my business to see what you don’t see about your technology executive career—and to help you articulate your career in a way that makes your value inescapable—to craft technology executive resumes and LinkedIn profiles that make you stand out from the thundering herd, and to provide executive career coaching that transforms confusion to clarity.

You think you’re just doing your job.

Isn’t it time that people looking for someone like you realize what you really bring to the table?

I’ve built a practice that centers around creative, intelligent, unique clients – leaders who often possess a broad range of skills that confuse and overwhelm traditional resume writers and career coaches.

My extensive experience enables me to determine your clear, succinct brand – often in the first 15 minutes of conversation – and to then build a successful resume package around that brand.

Maybe we should talk. Because I speak IT.

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  • Testimonial: -
    "I have to tell you this – it is too strong a recognition from a CIO not to tell you… the resume FORMAT and DELIVERY stunned the recruiter… we spent the first 5 minutes with him telling me what strong a resume it was – and he wasn’t talking about me, but the resume framework you delivered on! He especially noted how easily it read on a handheld… he said the written style communicated with intensity. Excellent work JM. BTW: I have second round of interviews coming up, so all went well :)"
    , Atlanta, GA,
  • Testimonial: -
    "If you could do with my physical body what you did with the resume I would be on the cover of next month's GQ."
    , in Dallas, TX

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